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At The University of New Hampshire, I developed campaigns and strategies for undergraduate enrollment, student life, fundraising, alumni, and brand awareness.

My role enhanced the university’s image online, increased brand equity, promoted the institution’s mission, and helped build relationships with stakeholders.

From 2012 until 2023, I dedicated my professional career to creating social media strategies and digital campaigns at the University of New Hampshire—a leading public research university.

As a thought leader in HESM (higher education social media), I strive to develop unique digital campaigns, demonstrate proper methods, and share best practices with all clients.

In the realm of #HigherEd, cultivating meaningful relationships takes precedence over stockpiling followers or quantifying ROI. Social media serves as a dynamic tool for fortifying and tending to your digital community, inviting invaluable input from your most significant stakeholders, and producing passionate advocates for your institution. These are the key performance indicators that truly hold significance.

Today, my primary responsibility at Cookson Communications entails the conception and execution of both paid social campaigns and creating associated strategies. My role includes crafting tactical plans that leverage various social media platforms to their fullest potential, all to deliver maximum impact to targeted audiences. My role extends to SMO, SEO, digital advertising, Google Ads, and copywriting, including the critical tasks of proofreading web content, social media, and newsletters.

In my collaborative capacity, I work closely with account managers and both the web and design teams, ensuring that projects remain on track and deadlines are consistently met. My commitment to excellence is demonstrated by my continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. 






  • October: Panelist, Social Media Strategies Summit HigherEd NYC
  • July: Web & Mobile Track Chair, eduWeb Philadelphia


  • December: Panelist, Mass Marketing Summit (AMA) Boston, MA
  • November: Speaker, Social Media Strategies Summit HigherEd NYC
  • July: Web & Mobile Track Chair, eduWeb San Diego
  • June: Presenter, OHO Interactive Bootcamp Boston, MA
  • March: Presenter, CASE (District One) Boston, MA


  • July: Data & Analytics Chair, eduWeb Boston
  • June: Higher Ed Experts Faculty Award Recipient
  • October: Presenter, Social Media Strategies Summit HigherEd Boston, MA

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