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Programmatic Ads & Google

oday’s digital advertising landscape includes programmatic ads that have quickly emerged as a powerful tool, and Google has played a significant role in the success.

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weird brand posting

Weird Brand Posting

This piece by Sopan Deb discusses how corporate brands have adopted a quirky and unconventional social media presence in an attempt to engage younger audiences, particularly GenZ.

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Short-Form Video & #HigherEd Social Marketing

It’s been the case for a while–there are many reasons to use short-form video, but one of my favorites? It helps your institution or business stand out from the competition. Create your own quirky, original identity on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Tik Tok. Create a series, interview students and professors, or show off your human side as well as your academic side.

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In a week that got increasingly worse for Twitter, a giant bright light appeared from a familiar source looking to capture new users and everyone who might be ashamed or have feelings of abandonment from what the little blue bird app has become. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta have just released Threads.

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Musk and Twitter

Twitter: What’s Next?

What do you think of the new ownership of Twitter? Are you on the platform and staying put? Are you signing up for a new account? Or, are you seeking an alternative, not knowing what the future of Twitter looks like?

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