Jason Boucher
Jason Boucher - London

Disc Jockey      /ˈdis(k) ˌjäkē/

An announcer of a radio show of recorded music. Also one who plays recorded music for dancing at a nightclub or party.

I’ve hosted a radio show for almost 30 years, beginning at WUNH 91.3 FM, where I was the radio station’s music director from 1995 – 1997.

In 2004 I joined WSCA, a non-profit community radio station in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I was the station’s first music director and after a short break from radio, but not music, I returned to WSCA where I hosted a weekly radio show through July 2022. 

Over the airwaves, I played creative and eclectic music of all genres found under the radar. Since leaving broadcast radio, I’ve guest-hosted on Noods Radio in Bristol, England and I have various Mixcloud playlists. 

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In August 2019, my WSCA playlist for Nocturnal was published by WIRE, a monthly British music magazine founded in 1982 by Anthony Wood and Chrissie Murray. 

It is widely considered one of the best magazines for its coverage of the world of underground music. 

WIRE • Issue 429 • August 2019

The Hanging Garden

Spinning primarily 80s alternative, post punk, dark wave, new wave, indie, and industrial. The Hanging Garden is one of my most favorite sets of music to play for people in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, performance spaces, parties, and more. I’ve created DJ sets at the Portsmouth Book and Bar, WSCA, and private parties.